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Chip Carving Diverse Design Motifs within a Single Project

A Gallery arranged by Milestone Category showing some representative boxes with detail views.

A Gallery containing one slide show of Plates commemorating  various occasions and a second slide show of purely decorative Plates.

A Gallery showing a variety of carvings other than Commemorative Boxes or Plates.

Life's Milestones ~ Captured In Carvings




Every effort has been made to arrange this site in a manner that will allow an enjoyable tour of some past examples of my Commemorative carvings and provide information pertinent to the creation of similar one-of-a-kind Commemorative carvings in the future.

Each of the images above illustrates an example of Commemorative Boxes and Commemorative Plates that have been sought over the years by discriminating patrons who desired a lasting and elegant tribute commemorating a Milestone in their life or the life of a loved one.


Additional views and other examples
can be found in the various galleries.

The various galleries contained on this site illustrate the wide design spectrum incorporated into commemorative plates and boxes carved for patrons in the past.

Currently, in my commission work, I am concentrating my creative efforts on one-of-a-kind Commemorative Plates - individually designed to celebrate a noteworthy milestone in the recipient's life. Also, as time allows, I'm designing some Plates with thought provoking messages or inspirational quotes that will be elegantly framed and matted for presentation and display. I have, therefore, sharply restricted the quantity and type of commissions that I will assume for Commemorative Boxes.

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David W. Crothers - Woodcarving Artisan