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Birthday Box

Navarro Birthday Box

A father's gift to his 21 year old son.

Due to his son's vast interest in ocean going vessels, the father’s desire was for an overall theme designed around the logo of the White Star Line, which was the company that built and owned the Titanic, with a surrounding pattern of the foliate décor used on her 2nd class dinnerware. (The son’s birthday (April 14th) was the same day that the Titanic struck the iceberg that caused her to sink.)

On the front panel of the box I created a monogram of recipient’s initials “JN”. The monogram was placed within a frame that was symbolic of a ship porthole (including the hinge and the “dogs” that were used to hold the porthole in a closed position). Embellishment outside of the porthole frame is representative of style used at the time of the Titanic while at the same time suggesting the overall shape of one of the “dogs” used in the porthole itself.

Collectively, the intent of the entire front panel design was to symbolize the son’s own unique view of the world and the future that lies before him.

On the underside of the lid I carved a message the father wanted to give to his son.


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