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Mumm Napa Box

The Director, Brand Management and Direct Sales at Mumm Napa, requested a custom carved commemorative memory box to be used in the ceremony which celebrates the grape harvest at Mumm Napa each year. The box was to be used to house memorabilia associated with the harvest.

The theme of the box was to center around Guy Devaux, a master winemaker, who was so important to – and took such pride – in the founding of the winery.

On perimeter frame of the top of the box the words Family, Pride, and Tradition are carved. These were the characteristics that Mr. Devaux felt were paramount to the production of an excellent wine. The font used in the carving of those words was chosen because of its' vine-like quality that seemed most appropriate for a theme focused on the grape and its ultimate purpose of being transformed into a superlative wine.

The central panel of the box lid contains a quote from Mr. Devaux which clearly states his personal pride in having established Mumm Napa as a premier winery. Separated from the quote by a calligraphic flourish is carved the salutation Mr. Devaux would most certainly have used – "A votre Sante", French for "To your health".

Mumm Napa (in the font used on the Mumm Napa labels) was carved on the front panel of the box. Below it, surrounded by flourishing is carved the celebration it commemorates – "Annual Grape Harvest" – in a script chosen for its' elegance.

The side panels each have two grape vines carved on them. One side is used to commemorate "Devaux Ranch", a wine named for Mr. Devaux. The other side panel commemorates "D V X" the premier wine of Mumm Napa, also named for Mr. Devaux.


Memory Box

Memory Box

Beth Noonan - Lily Frances Keepsake Box

A maternal grandmother wanted a custom commemorative keepsake box to house those treasures that are special things that are passed along to you from your mother who at the time of this commissioning was gravely ill. She wanted the design of the box to evoke the strength of the women in your family, both past and present. Within the family there is a saying “the Paulus women” which refers to the strength of the women in the grandchild’s family that goes back to her great, great grandmother whose surname was Paulus. The mother and grandmother possessed an innate artistic talent that has manifested itself with a strong leaning toward nature and floral design.

With the above background in mind, it was decided that the central focus of the top of the box should be four stylized hearts that are created by a floral pattern, each heart containing a floral motif within itself. The four hearts represent the great, great grandmother, the great grandmother, the grandmother and the child’s mother. The actual floral design is taken from a medieval Romanesque manuscript ornament, circa 11th or 12th century. Likewise, the border around the top of the box is a stylized version of French Medieval mural motif, circa 11th – 14th century. This was particularly fitting given the great, great grandmother’s home of Alsace Lorraine. Within that border was carved the words “The Paulus Women”, those women who formed the foundation of the family inner strength.

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Wedding Anniversary Christening Birthday Graduation Retirement Christmas Memory