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Wedding Anniversary Christening Birthday Graduation Retirement Christmas Memory

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Wedding Box 1

The Motif of this box was created around the Fleur de leis reflecting the background of the bride.

The front panel of the box had the bride's monogram carved on it surrounded by a frame that reflected the frame on the lid of the box.

Part of the wedding vow ( and also the sentiment of the groom) as well as the marriage date was carved on the underside of the lid in a font that seemed appropriate for a quill pen to have inscribed.

 Wedding Box 2

This box was created to house a gift of pearls from a groom to his bride on their wedding day.

The groom created the sentiment to be carved on top of the box and requested it be surrounded by an embellished border to reflect the grace and femininity of his bride.


Wedding Ring Box

The top of the box was carved with a stylized tree of life. The corners of the top are representations of the ginkgo leaf. The inference of the ginkgo tree was used for a number of symbolic reasons that represent the relationship between the two individuals involved in this relationship. The ginkgo tree is "a symbol of unity of opposites, by some seen as a symbol of changelessness, possessing miraculous power, bearer of hope and of the immeasurable past, a symbol of love. Because of all its properties it is associated with longevity".

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Wedding Anniversary Christening Birthday Graduation Retirement Christmas Memory